Artistry Jazz Group - Tribute! (2012)

Artistry Jazz Group - tribute

01. Palo Alto
02. Shirley Stps Out
03. Last Night When We Were Young
04. Bijou
05. Up An' Atom
06. Lost In A Summer Night
07. The Bad And The Beautiful
08. Undercurrent Blues
09. The Man That Got Away
10. Fantasy
11. As You Are
12. The St. Vitus' Dance
13. Changing My Tune
14. Lotus Blossom
15. Boplicity


On May 7th 2012 Artistry Jazz Group released their third album, Tribute – followed by a tour in Scandinavia. On the new album, each song is a tribute to the composer or artist associated with the song, and the band is enlarged with three of Sweden's most renowned brass players.

Worth noticing is that Vivian Buczek on this album gets to show her rich register on seven songs.