Straight from my heart (2006)

Straight from my heart

01. Too close for comfort
02. Meditacao
03. Feel like making love
04. Filthy McNasty
05. So many stars
06. Fly away
07. You´re driving me crazy
08. We´ll be together again
09. The Jodi grind
10. Blues for Laila / Lullaby blues
11. Sakta vi gå
12. Szeptem

  • 01. Filthy McNasty
  • 02. So many stars


Claes Crona is one of our foremost jazz icons in Sweden, his personality and his musical abilities are extremely nuanced, full of energy and truth. Full of heart, playfulness and enthusiasm. Together with guitarist Elias Källvik, drummer Zoltan Csörsz and bass player Mattias Hjorth, we have tried to create an atmosphere that exudes swing, happiness and energy in jazzmusic. As the icing on the cake, the Danish tenor saxophonist Jesper Thilo. This is an eclectic collection of tracks with one thing in common, they all come straight from my heart.